About Us Emergency Services

Mr. Deepak Pasricha, mobile: +47-96830199
Mr. Manjeet Singh, mobile: +47-47721552

Only in case of an emergency:

For issues including Passport, OCI, Visa and Consular:

i) Mr. Pramod Kumar, Second Secretary (Cons)
Mobile: +47-91396687
Email: cons.oslo@mea.gov.in

ii) Mr. Alok Kumar Shandilya, ASO (Visa)
Telephone : +47-24115916

For all other issues except Passport, OCI, Visa and Consular:

i) Mr. Amar Jeet, Counsellor (Cultural/Information)/Head of Chancery
Mobile: +47-94135255
Email: com.oslo@mea.gov.in