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Posted on: April 06, 2021 | Back | Print

Embassy of India 


Vacancy of a Clerk in the Embassy of India, Oslo 

The Embassy of India, Oslo invites applications from suitable candidates for the  full-time permanent position of Clerk in the Embassy.  

1. Job Description: 

i). Carrying out tasks related to Administration and finance, looking after  maintenance of Embassy and other properties. 

ii). Any other tasks as directed from time to time. 

2. Candidate fulfilling the following requirements are welcome to apply Education Qualification: 

? Bachelor degree holder preferably with financial background; Higher  qualification preferable; Work experience preferable in social/public  outreach activities 

Language Proficiency: 

? Good proficiency in Norwegian language, excellent English skills Abilities:  

? Strong management capability to prioritize and deal with multiple tasks.
3. Monthly Salary and other benefits: 

i). Monthly Salary – NOK 25,200/-, with an annual increment of NOK 756/- ii). Annual bonus equivalent to one month’s salary 

iii). The remuneration package will include statutory leave and other benefits  include payments of contribution towards National Insurance Scheme  (NIS) and Pension Insurance Scheme (PIS) – Employer Social Security  Contribution, as per the law. 

4. Local Work Permit and Residence Visa: 

The candidates should possess both Work Permit and Residence Visa.

5. Last date of application: April 16 , 2021 

6. Method of submitting application: 

E-mail or by post 

Email: admn.oslo@mea.gov.in 

Subject: Application for the Post of Cultural Clerk in the Embassy of India, Oslo Postal Address: Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Niels Juels Gate 30,  0272, Oslo Norway. 

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