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Celebration of 8th National Handloom Day - 7 August, 2022

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The Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has informed are oganising the 8th National Handloom Day on 7 August 2022. The 7th August was chosen as National Handloom Day to commemorate the Swadeshi Movement which was launched on this day in 1905. The National Handloom Day is observed annually to honour our handloom weavers and provide impetus to the handloom industry.


2.Handloom is a symbol of our glorious cultural heritage and an important source of livelihood in the country. This is one of the key sectors for women’s empowerment, as over 70% of all handloom weavers and allied workers are women.


3. It has to be our collective efforts to support Indian handloom weavers by purchasing handloom products and sharing it. The more world knows about the richness and diversity of handloom products, the greater our local weavers will be benefited.


4. In this regard, Missions/Posts are requested to co-opt the Indian Diaspora and local Community to amplify the message. Feedback/Report on the events undertaken by the Missions/Posts for promotion of Handloom products may please be sent to this Division.    

5. Handloom sector is a symbol of our country’s rich and varied cultural heritage. In 2015, the Government of India decided to designate the 7th August every year, as the National Handloom Day.

6.The 8th National Handloom Day is being celebrated on 7th August, 2022 in honour of the handloom weavers/workers and their unique contribution to the socio-cultural development of the country.


7.The following material relating to handloom sector as detailed under, is being shared for ready reference and for using on various Social Media Platforms for celebration of 8th National Handloom Day on 07.08.2022. 

3.1 Tweets

3.2 Films on handloom

3.3 Weavers Success stories


I.Tweets:   Please find below the link of posts (tweets & contents)



II. Various films on handloom:  Film content being heavy, Please find attached the link containing various films on handloom sector:


A)  8 films link on Handloom




B) 3 Documentary films on handloom by Sh Muzzarfar Ali:

Documentary on Bhagalpur Hindi, Documentary on Maheshwar Saree and Fabrics Hindi and Documentary on Muga Silk of Assam Hindi)  


C) 3 Documentary films on handloom by Sh Muzzarfar Ali:

Documentary on Pashmina kashmir Hindi, Documentary on Pochampally Ikat and Documentary on TANGALIYA Shawl Hindi) 


D)  Films on handloom in Hindi and English:


Link for films in English:



Link for films in Hindi:



III. Weavers success Stories:

 The Link of Various weavers Success stories is as under:



8.Let us all support our handloom weavers by buying handloom products and share the above referred contents using hashtag #MyHandloomMyPride.