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Fourth Issue of 'IDY-2021' Newsletter

Posted on: June 14, 2021 | Back | Print

Ayush Ministry is publishing an e-Newsletter to spread the message of IDY activities, it is carried-out through a group of Young Communication Professionals with support of the Ministry of Ayush. Copy of the FOURTH ISSUE of the 'IDY 2021' Newsletter, which carries forward the message of International Day of Yoga 2021 is attached herewith.

Ayush Ministry is ready to include (select) details in their forthcoming e-Newsletter on promotional activities related to IDY by Missions/Posts. Ayush Ministry also proposes to bring out a Mega issue of the e-Newsletter in the week after IDY-2021.Those interested may send the details of promotional activities/ events undertaken for IDY 2021 to Ayush Ministry (Ms. Pooja Yadav) by email ayushnewsletter3@gmail.com with cc to dircord@mea.gov.in