About Us Indian Business Women Conference and Awards, 2019

The Embassy of India would like to inform that Indian Business Women Conference and Awards, 2019 designed and created not only for  Women in Business but also for man supporting women to be leader, is scheduled on 15 March in Mumbai,India.

Being A Woman should be your supreme achievement and not your deepest fear. Celebrate womanhood, fuel yourself with self-confidence and let that fuel empower you to soar towards your dreams.
Indian Business Women Conference will focus on topics such as :- Women for Women the ideal Role model ; Future guidelines for women leaders in India; The New Paradigm Of Female Leadership : New Threats Call for new Leadership; The growing power of women in the world of business; Storm of #MeToo and #TimesUpLeading Through Change - Conquering the digital world; Good Health is the foundation of success in life; Reinventing the World of work; Panel Discussion : Insights On The Modern Workplace.

The conference is open to women of all ethnicities, professions and social backgrounds, locally and nationally, and men who support them. Our aim is not just about inspiring women to step up as leaders, but also about encouraging women to use their voice, share their stories and build strong professional relationships that will benefit you and your organization. 

Learning Outcome of this conference Understand how the most successful businesswomen reached the top position ; Developing yourself as an authentic, conscious leader in the workplace ; Understand how to empower and develop your staff's future talent ; Understand how you can make an impact in your organisation ; Develop the experties to reach the executive level

Those who are interested can contact Divya Roy, Marketing Manager, email at 
divya@morpheusin.co.in , Phone no. +91 70394 62928. For more information on Registration and Brochure download please visit our website: http://ibwc.ml/awards.html.