For persons wishing to have documents attested by the embassy, the following supporting documents are required:

  • The document which is to be attested

  • Original passport

  • Copy of picture page and address page in passport, self-attested

  • Copy of residence permit (if not Norwegian citizen), self-attested

  • One Passport size photograph. In case of POA , photograph of both Attorney and Executant is required.

  • In case of witness, it should include full name of witness and signed with date. Please do not include witness column if there is no witness.

Fees may please be checked in consular fees section on our website

Please also note the following:

  • You must come in person to the Embassy and sign the document at the counter. (ON PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY. Request may be sent to pscons.oslo@mea.gov.in)

  • If you are not a citizen of India, you must have your signature witnessed first by a Norwegian notary public (notarius publicus) in the document and Apostilled from Fylkesmannen (County Governor) You will then have to sign again at the Embassy in presence of Consular Officer.

  • Any document issued by the Norwegian authorities or by any other country has to be first notarized from local court and apostilled from County Governor.

  • Handwritten content (partial or full) of POA/Affidavit is not accepted.

  • Please number each page of the document and mention your passport number and signature with date. (In presence of consular officer)

  • Blank page has to be striked out and that page should also contain passport number and signature with date

*POA/Affidavit is not accepted on stamp paper/e-stamp paper/legal paper.