About Us Relaxation on Visa & Travel restrictions for Foreign Tourists

Restoration of Tourist/e-Tourist Visa for Foreign Tourist

In continuation of this Ministry's O.M. of even number dated 21.10.2020 on the above mentioned subject and keeping in view the improvement in COVID-19 situation in India, the Government has considered the need for further relaxation of visa and travel restrictions.   

2. Accordingly, with immediate effect it has been decided that:

(i) Currently valid e-Tourist Visa issued for five years, which was suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored to nationals of 156 eligible countries with immediate effect. Nationals of these 156 counties will also be eligible for issuance of fresh e-Tourist visa.

(ii) Currently valid Regular (Paper) Tourist visa with validity of 5 Years, issued to foreign nationals of all countries, which remained suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored. Fresh Regular (Paper) Tourist visa up to 5 years validity may also be issued to the nationals of the eligible countries subject to the restrictions imposed from time to time.

(iii) Currently valid old Long duration (10) Regular Tourist Visa which remained suspended since March, 2020 shall stand restored for the nationals of USA and Japan. Fresh Long duration (10) Tourist Visa can also be issued to the nationals of USA and Japan.

These instructions will not be applicable to Afghanistan nationals who will continue to be governed by the separate instructions issued by this Ministry regarding grant of e-Emergency X-Misc. Visa. All other health/ COVID-19 related matters, extant guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare shall be adhered to.