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Request for flight ticket details for issuing Letter of Assistance to Stranded Indians in Norway traveling to India from Frankfurt.

Air India has opened the sale of tickets for Phase III of Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) flights from destinations in Europe to India on 10.06.2020 onward for stranded Indians to travel to India on compelling grounds.

The stranded Indians in Norway may please note the following:

i) It is mandatory for all to register with the Embassy of India, Oslo. (Those who have already registered themselves need not register again).

ii) The VBM flight tickets should be booked from Frankfurt to the final destination in India (if available).

Iii) Details of flight tickets for the sectors Oslo to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to final destination in India may be conveyed to the Embassy of India, Oslo, for preparation of a Letter of Assistance for transit through Frankfurt Airport, as per the format given below:

Name (s)

Passport No

Date and flight details from Norway to Frankfurt

Date and flight details from Frankfurt to destination in India

Please note that the Embassy of India will issue the letter based on the information received in the format above. Please ensure that the information is as per the details given in the ticket.

iv) Please ensure that your baggage is checked in from Oslo to your final destination in India for hassle-free transit through Frankfurt Airport.

v) Paid institutional quarantine is mandatory at the port of arrival in India. In case the VBM flight is also operating as feeder flight, then quarantine will take place at the last port of disembarkation/final destination.